Lorenzen Family Support

We raised over $1,000 for a Chaska family who lost their home and all of their belongings in a house fire.


On January 10th, the Lorenzen family lost everything due to a house fire. Thankfully, they all got out safely but their home and all of their possessions were destroyed.

We heard about the Lorenzen family's situation via a GoFundMe campaign that was started shortly after the tragic event. Like many, we were immediately drawn to donating money to the GoFundMe campaign.

But then, we thought of bacon.

In our opinions, this is what bacon was made for! We immediately started curing some pork bellies, asked a few friends for support, and assembled the best way to put your money to work for the Lorenzen family.

We offered themed baskets filled with the best quality food and drink you could ask for. We had supplies for "up-to" 10 baskets with the goal of raising around $1,000.

Nine of the the baskets were $100 each with a special basket that would go to the highest bidder. Seven of the ten possible baskets were sold, with the "special basket" bidding war ending at $300. A couple of the donors contributed extra money upon delivery of their baskets, which put us just over our goal with a grand total of $1,060!

On Saturday, February 13th, we delivered 100% of money donated to to the Lorenzen family.

The Baskets

Here are the items that were part of the campaign with links to the associated "reward page" that was provided for each donor.

  • Bacon, Bloodys, and BLTs

    A hat-tip to the origins of the Stained Apron organization, this basket is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning Bloody Mary & BLT fans out there.

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  • Sunshine In a Basket

    An unassumingly sophisticated basket that will shock your palate and change your mind on everything you thought you knew about both banana bread and venison sausage.

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  • Wahawkan What?

    With a base of this homemade Oaxacan (pronounced "Wah-hawk-an") chorizo and farm fresh eggs, your burrito will satisfy that insatiable craving for an amazing breakfast burrity. Plus, let's be honest, the margaritas are going to make it taste that good regardless of your cooking ability.

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  • Meat Yo' Self

    Full of meat you can't buy in a store. If we brewed beer, that would have been made from scratch as well. We couldn't find a basket that could hold this much food and drink, so we decided to throw in a premium-quality, 40-quart cooler as well.

    Note: Bidding closes Wednesday, February 3, 2021 at 5:00pm CDT.

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