Kick the summer off right…

Bacon & Bloodys, 2021

The event that started it all. If you're going to attend just one charity event in 2021…let this be the one. Cocktails, a yard games tournament, and a twist on the food experience we've never had before. You won't want to miss it!

Join us from 11:30-4:30pm on Saturday, June 12.

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We have two categories of fundraising: Events and Campaigns.


Events are just that: something you can attend and give money to charity. Historically, this was the annual Bacon & Bloodys event, but we are hoping to expand on that post-COVID-19.


Campaigns are fundraisers that are not tied to a location, but instead to purchasing something for a specified beneficiary. Campaigns came about during the COVID-19 pandemic, when hosting events was difficult-to-impossible but needs still existed.

  • Lorenzen Family Support

    We raised over $1,000 for a Chaska family who lost their home and all of their belongings in a house fire.