The history

Stained Apron is a non-profit organization that grew out of an annual neighborhood event centered around food and drink named "Bacon & Bloodys". In 2015, this event transitioned into an charity event in which donations were accepted and donated to individuals/organizations in need.

Then something special happened…

In the middle of a torrential downpour on June 8, 2018, Tom's mother had been helping out with the food preparation and delivery. While doing so, she was wearing "her favorite apron" (that had a grease stain on it) and frankly, it was a fan favorite at the event. In fact, it was such a hit that someone requested we auction it off to raise extra money.

Our goal going into the auction was to raise maybe $150-200. The auction raised $2,000.

While the following video captures the event, it is hard to relay the electricity that was in the air; it truly was a special experience.

That auction raised $2,000 and the event generated over $9,000 for charity.

Here is a video of one of the donation recipients, the Adepoju Family, receiving a completely unexpected donation of $4,000 that an attendee had nominated them for.

Where else has money gone?

Beneficiaries have included public libraries, animal shelters, and individual families fighting cancer, multiple sclerosis, and tragic accidents with a total value over over $16,000 raised so far.

You can find more information on dollars raised and where they went by clicking on the event & campaign links on the Fundraising page.

We're just getting started…